Doctor who fanart
This little picture was inspired by this beautiful fic

I apologize for the size but i didn't have HD pictures :(

The quotes are from the fic :)

LotS Fic
Just a little fic i wrote a while back.

: Worry and Reassurence
Author:Tigerlily536 [Whitney]
Characters: Richard, Kahlan
Rating: PG
Timeline: Just before Reckoning
Story Type: Vignette
Spoilers: anything up to the beginning of Reckoning
Short summary: Kahlan is worried about having to confess Richard for the Boxes of Orden, Richard tries to reassure her.

Water bubbled steadily out of the spring, forming a small, clear, pool and eventually a thin stream that trickled over the moss covered rocks. Ripples disturbed the surface of the pool as Kahlan ran her fingers over the mirror like water. She concentrated on the miniscule waves that swayed across the shining surface and tried not to think of the task she needed to do.

"Kahlan." She didn't have to turn around to know that the deep voice, that had so often sent shivers down her spine, belonged to Richard. She took a fraction of a moment before getting to her feet and turning to face him. Richard looked just the same as she had first met him in the forests of Westland, and different. He was so much wiser and hardened now. He knew his purpose and didn't shy away from anything anymore. He had saved her live so many times since that day, and now she would have to confess him and risk obliterating all the he is. Kahlan couldn't fathom it.

"Why, Richard?" she pleaded. He didn't need to ask Why What? to know what she meant. "It's the only way for me to stop Rahl and fulfill the prophecy," he responded. Kahlan stumbled closer to Richard and gazed into his deep brown eyes.

"What if we've got it wrong, or it's a trick, and you'll be confessed truely?" a tear slid down her cheek, leaving a glistening trail behind. Richard reached out and gently wiped it away with his thumb.

His hand lingered there on her cheek and Kahlan rellished the warmth of it caressing her skin. "It's going to be alright Kahlan. We haven't gotten it wrong. This is the way. I know it." He let his hand drop and his eyes seemed far away. He took a step back and started to turn away.

"Richard, wait!" Kahlan shouted running after him. He turned back just as she collided with him. She tangled her hand in his hair and pulled his mouth to her, kissing him fiercely. It took only a second for Richard to respond. His arms wrapped around her, one circling her waitst, the other behind her neck, and pulled her tightly against him.

If I have to confess him, why couldn't it have been this way. They kissed each other with a kind of desperation, like they would never get this chance again. Kahlan tried pressing herself closer to Richard but every part of her was flush against every part of him.

And then, it was as though an invisible wall came between them and they both stopped, separating their lips.

"We should get back to Zedd," Richard murmured into Kahlan hair. Kahlan could only nod against his shoulder, the tears closing her throat and making it impossible for her to speak. As he walked away, Kahlan fell to her knees once again, not caring if it dirtied her white Confessor's dress. She let the tears flow and add themselves to the stream running over the mossy rocks.

Yeah, pretty short


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